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Joanna Gaines Taught Me These 3 Things

September 16, 2019

The Golden Building Inspiration from Joanna Gaines
The Golden Building Inspiration from Magnolia Market

I recently returned from a girls’ trip to Texas where we were granted the opportunity to stop in Waco and visit Magnolia Market at The Silos. HGTV’s Fixer Upper stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, created The Market in 2015. There is a little bit of everything to do from shopping in the market, games on the lawn, eating at the food truck park, or grabbing a sweet bite at the Silos Baking Co.

My ultimate dream is to meet Joanna. To my dismay, that did not happen on this trip. Although, I was able to use this time to soak up the realities of her creative designs that I have seen so many times on television and online.

You’ve probably heard me say before that I value others’ experiences and look to see what ways they successfully create community with their patrons. Chip and Joanna have nailed that with their empire! It’s something I aspire to incorporate not only into my designs, but in business practices as well.


Joanna’s eye for design is what started it all. She and Chip started remodeling and selling (aka “flipping”) homes early in their marriage. Joanna began a blog featuring design elements she was using in her own home. These designs were inviting, awe-inspiring, and practical for families with small children. It wasn’t long before someone from HGTV reached out to see if they were interested in their own television series which would later be known as Fixer Upper.

Here we are years later with the opportunity to see her designs in person. I took mental notes of how she incorporates texture, colors, and greenery to bring life to spaces that would normally be considered bland and boring. I love that she is able to combine new and old while keeping such a crisp and clean final product.


Joanna’s presentation of, well, basically everything she puts her hands to is deeply inspiring to me. From the grounds of the property, to the display of merchandise, to the showcasing of food, every element of presentation has been thought out beforehand. The thoughtfulness of presentation says to the customer, “Hey, I thought you would like this and we even decided to make it pretty for you!”

I believe half of the buying experience (retail or restaurant) is influenced by the atmosphere and environment of the business. I want to be more like Joanna in this aspect so that my patrons will trust me with their time and money to have an exemplary experience that is unique to my brand.


I cannot fathom what it is like to employ over 300 people. There are smiling employees that are eager to help and learn more about customers at each of the establishments. There must be a clear vision and empowerment from Chip and Jo as well as upper management.

Just recently, Chip and Joanna released their Human Kindness Campain which also encompasses their new company-wide manifesto. You can feel the sincerity encouragement in their words. Click here to read the new Magnolia Manifesto.

Most importantly, Chip and Joanna consider their relationship with God the most important aspect of leadership and relationships. Prayer is a key element of their projects and businesses. Their relationship with God helps them to be able to be empowering and forgiving leaders. You can see that they are leaders that lead alongside their team rather than barking commands. Justin and I, like the Gaines family, value our faith above anything else and strive to make it a cornerstone of our businesses.

I hope to incorporate many of Chip & Joanna’s business practices, but also remembering to keep true to myself, too. It would be so tempting to duplicate this renovation from Joanna’s specific designs, but that would not be fair to her creativity, nor my own.

What do you love most about this power couple? Who are some other business leaders that you love to learn from?

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  1. Charles H Styer says:

    “I believe half of the buying experience (retail or restaurant) is influenced by the atmosphere and environment of the business. ” This so true. My wife and I run our photorestoration business out of our home in Tifton’s Historic District. Because we value our home as a home, we have no signage for our business, so our home looks just like a home, not a business. When customers come to our home they ring the doorbell and wait for us to come to the door, rather than walking right in like you would with a business. Without thinking, they respond to the “atmospher and environment” and ring the doorbell. People also respond, without concious thought, if your business is ugly or beautiful. Good luck on your restoration efforts.

  2. Linda Conger says:

    Looking was a wonderful opportunity Jenna. But you are not Joanna. You are you and God made you to be you. Stay true to You! You are so much more than anyone else. Dream big and trust God. YOU can do it! I love You! Aunt Linda

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